Love all the vegan products, this shop is exactly what Guymon needed!
Amazing little store! So excited to be able to buy healthy food options and supplements locally. Thank you, Molly and crew!
So happy to have you here. Selection is wonderful. Dairy free section!! Thank you
A lovely store filled with healthy food, supplements and essential oils. A great store for a family looking for healthy options!
One could do their entire shopping in her store. Essential oils, vitamins, powders, minerals, coffee, tea, laundry soap, fresh veggies & fruit, books, food, food & more food. THANK YOU MOLLY FOR GIVING GUYMON A WONDERFUL STORE
Awesome store! I'm so happy with this addition to our local shopping.....sure beats ordering online every day!
Molly was so helpful when I visited this morning. Love the variety of healthy, natural foods as well as the supplements.
Molly has done a great job implementing a variety of healthy, natural foods and supplements. It was a joy to walk through the new store and visit with her about products.
Molly is the most outstanding person there is in this world she has helped me more ways then she knows I am so grateful for her in soo many ways Thank you from the bottom of my heart you do mean a lot too me ...YOUR anxiety lady :)